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Minecraft is an adventure game developed by Swedish developer Markus Persson and Mojan Studios in 2011. It is also called a “sandbox” video game. Since its landing, this video game trend is increasing day by day. Minecraft players can mine numerous blocks they utilize to create a 3D assembly in their desired way. Moreover, you will get several play modes, including combat mode, exploration mode, building mode, or another combo of different modes. 

But you cannot enjoy this game on any device version. It needs a particular and safe server on your device. Hence, you will get effective game authority and highly customizable choices. That’s why there are different special Minecraft servers to support this video game. This article intends to introduce those best free Minecraft server hosting sites of 2021 that give you a smooth Minecraft experience. But before we go to those hosting sites, we would like you to look at why you should choose the best free Minecraft server hosting. 

Advantages of best free Minecraft server hosting

Minecraft offers unlimited advantages to its players; some of them are given here;

  • Smooth performance: While having a dedicated server on your device, there is no need to worry about other apps working on your system. They will not be able to slow down the gameplay. 
  • Effective control: You will get different pre-built mods and software plugins to boost the looking, functionality, weapons, characters, and other game features. You can also customize the desired features according to your requirements. 
  • Top-notch privacy and security: Best free Minecraft server hosting offer a control panel that allows you to control your server to limit who is accessing your server. In this way, you will get high-end privacy and play the hassle-free game. 
  • Better uptime and low potential: Particular hosting servers have worldwide data centers. Therefore, you host your server at your nearest data center for maximum uptime and minimal delay. Most of them also offer server backups to keep your data secure in unexpected situations.
  • Device resource-saving: Using them will give you greater CPUs and SSDs performance in the hosting plans.

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Seven best free Minecraft server hosting site in 2021 

1- Sparked Host

The sparked host is from the simplest, cheap, and effective best free Minecraft server hosting to enjoy the game. You will also enjoy its uses for business purposes. This hosting site will charge $1.00 monthly. After buying, you can set up the server to your liking with modpacks or plugins. Moreover, sparked server hosting uses industry-leading hardware, which means your project. You will enjoy your Minecraft gameplay without any lagging issues. You just have to ensure that you selected the exact plan. Sparked Host promises “99.99% network” uptime. The platform gives trustworthy and guaranteed 24/7-hour customer support availability. 

2- Vultr

Vultr cares about the cloud server setup that you can deploy within a single click. It will give you the flexibility to modify and activate mods on Minecraft. Its cloud will give a fast and smooth performance experience. Vulture will offer 17 different server places in Singapore, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt, Sydney, Toronto, and others. The performance consistency and simple user interface make this server the most preferred choice. The effective API, SSDs, custom ISO, and Intel CPU offers you an unbeatable experience from its competitors.

3- GGServers

GGServers uses effective CPUs for top performance. It offers more than 4GHz in average services and more than 5GHz on premium. Moreover, the site gives unmetered storage for SSDs and NVMe. GGServers also has mudpack support. It means that you can install the desired server with a single click. These servers include Java Edition, Bedrock Edition, PaperMC. Spigot, Twitch, FTB, Technic launcher, Forge, Bukkit, ATLauncher, Voids Wrath, Pixelmon, and bungee cord. In the case of the entire configured server launch, you can plugin packs to play Skyblock, Factions, and others. Its made-to-order control panel allows you to easily control your server.

4- Shockbyte

Shockbyte started to offer Minecraft hosting services in 2013. Now it is the most popular hosting site in the industry. All hosting packages support Java and Bedrock versions to keep them completely up-to-date. You can install its server with a single click and enjoy a high-quality gameplay experience. Its supported edition includes CraftBukkit, Spigot, Forge, BungeeCord, Sponge, NukkitX, Snapshots, PocketMine, and Vanilla.

Moreover, you can also change the packages, plugins, mods, and server kind. You can do modifications whenever you need without affecting the setting. This server can also work with MCPE and MCPC, a Java Version Switcher, and others.

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5- CubedHost

If you want to enjoy the best free Minecraft server hosting with powerful and effective features set, you should welcome CubedHost. The server gives prompt development to save your time. It has a user-friendly control panel named Prisma. This panel supports you to handle the servers from anywhere. Now you can easily and quickly switch versions, handle your files, add plugins, and install numerous modpacks. The server will offer you final control and server setting according to your requirements. Its automatic installation for over 100 server kinds combined with Spigot and Bukkit plugins. This feature will also let you customize your server easily. 

6-   PebbleHost

PebblePost is the most affordable hosting server for Minecraft. The basic package offers a high-working processor, Xeon at 3.7 GHz via DDR4 memory, 250 Mbps uplink, enterprise-grade SSDs, and countless spaces. The data center of PebbleHost is available in the major places of North America and Europe. This server is equipped with business-level hardware, sub-user support, java eight support, work maintenance, and others. Its easy control panel is consistent and user-friendly. Moreover, the server offers a free MySQL database to get full access to FTP.

7-   SeekaHost

The effective and fast working powerful processor of SeekaHost comes with the support of more than 6 GB RAM and 5 GHz+ to give a smooth gameplay experience. SeekaHost offers unmetered usage in all of their packages.

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Video games are never-ending. Minecraft is one of the most trending video games with a combination of fun, excitement, and enjoyment. Moreover, it also boosts your creativity. However, to enjoy it smoothly will need a particular hosting server, as mentioned above.