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Affiliate Terms of Service

Our terms of service outline the rules and guidelines to affiliate with us

Last updated : 28th November 2023

1. Eligibility for Rewards and Anti-Fraud Measures

Rewards are offered at a specified percentage on all plans except for domain name services, set-up, installation fees, and extra add-ons. To prevent fraud, there’s a 30-day holding period before transferring rewards to the affiliate’s account.

2. Impact of Cancellations and Refunds on Commissions

If a referral cancels their service and requests a refund, the affiliate will lose any commissions earned from that payment.

3. Methods and Fees for Affiliate Payments

Affiliates are paid through Bank account, PayPal, or credit balance. Any fees associated with these payment methods are the responsibility of the affiliate.

4. Use of Referral Links and Exclusions from Commission

Affiliates can use referral links on various platforms. However, sales made using special discounts, coupons, or promo codes won’t qualify for commissions.

5. No Commissions on Personal Accounts

Affiliates cannot earn commissions on their own hosting accounts. If such cases are detected, the affiliate’s earned credits will be revoked.

6. Account Eligibility and Ban on Self-Referrals

New accounts must use different payment details from the affiliate for rewards. Self-referrals, including those of a spouse or partner, are not allowed.

7. Company’s Right to Modify and Terminate

The Company can change terms, cancel commissions, and terminate an affiliate’s participation at its discretion.

8. Contact Information for Queries

For any inquiries regarding these Terms, please reach out to us.