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Many people misunderstand how websites across the internet work. They have the misconception of thinking that sites work on individual servers that are exclusive to those sites. For example, you might think that every site has its own server. However, that would be very expensive and inefficient, so, to avoid this problem, many different sites can share one server that hosts them. There are plenty of ways developed to perform this task. However, the most widely used one is VPS hosting, which stands for Virtual Private Server hosting and it has many different purposes, for example, storage VPS. Furthermore, with greater technological advancements being made, this VPS hosting has developed many branches. 
One of the most suitable and efficient ones is KVM VPS hosting, which is quite technical, therefore here are a lot of things to understand about it. Therefore, to give you a better insight into the topic, here are a few important things about this type of VPS hosting, that you might not know. 

What is VPS hosting?

There’s no doubt that shared hosting services are cheap, but it’s important to note that they are not even worth a low amount of money, because they don’t have a lot to offer. Sites using shared hosting have slow speeds and loading times, which doesn’t attract customers to the site. Furthermore, if one site has issues on a shared server, every site might get affected. Many security issues might also arise as websites are vulnerable and highly exposed to a shared server. Instead of getting a private server, using VPS hosting is a much smarter alternative, as it is cheaper and still provides you with a private server. The only difference is that the server is virtual, as the name implies. Many companies offer cheap VPS

What is KVM VPS hosting?

As discussed earlier, VPS hosting has many types, for example, Windows VPS and Linux VPS. VPS can rely on many software like this, which are virtualization software. Just like these platforms, KVM is also another platform. KVM is an acronym for Kernel-based Virtual Machine. However, there’s a difference between KVM and other platforms: you have to use Windows or Linux to use KVM; it cannot work independently. But that’s not a problem. 
The KVM was developed in 2008 by RedHat. While using this hosting, the hardware of the physical server is simulated by the operating system to act as the hardware for a virtual private server. Sites remain isolated; therefore, sites remain secure. 

Distinguishing between OpenVZ and KVM

OpenVZ is also a type of VPS hosting. However, KVM is far more superior, as it’s comparatively more flexible. KVM VPS hosting can run with Windows, Linux, and even customs OS, whereas, OpenVZ is only capable of Linux operating systems. Moreover, KVM is more isolated and secure; it even allows you to set maximum and minimum values for your resources. You are even able to get higher speeds with KVM VPS hosting.    

Benefits of KVM VPS hosting

KVM VPS hosting allows you to provide a high-performance experience for people using your websites, by using the same hardware that other less efficient hosting services use. This saves your money, time, and space, which are all critical to a person. KVM does this for many reasons. 
As everything is being virtualized, you don’t have to invest a lot of money in buying high-performance hardware, which is very expensive these days. Furthermore, you have flexibility with KVM VPS, as discussed earlier, it can work with an OS. Moreover, your maintenance costs are sharply reduced. 
However, the best advantage is the security and performance it can provide to you in such a low amount of money. The user experience of your websites will surely increase by using KVM VPS hosting. 

Installation of KVM VPS hosting

A KVM hypervisor is used to gain the virtualization. This KVM hypervisor is therefore installed onto your machine in order to create virtualization. KVM hypervisor also enables the host system to manage all other websites or guest machines. The KVM hypervisor is already built into the Linux kernel. There are different types of hypervisors for different requirements. Even though you’re certainly going to get an expert for this purpose, it’s always a good idea to know what’s going on. 

Does KVM VPS work with cPanel?

Hosting a website through this type of VPS hsoting or any other technique can be technical for many of us, which leads to many different problems. However, to make it easy for us to perform this task, cPanel is available, which makes it easy to host websites, by providing a user-friendly and graphical interface. Therefore, web hosting is simplified for the website owner. Fortunately, this service is compatible with KVM VPS hosting, which means you can host your network of sites with comfort and ease. You won’t have to stress about creating any difficulties for yourself. You can even backup your data using cPanel.  

Cost of KVM VPS hosting

The overall cost is comparatively lower than that of other private server techniques; for example, a dedicated physical private server would ultimately cost you a fortune. However, if you look at KVM VPS, it provides a lot, as discussed earlier, at a relatively low cost. There’s no doubt that shared VPS hosting is also cheap, but KVM VPS hosting is even cheaper is see what it’s providing you with. So, in the end, quality and performance have more worth than money. Moreover, you will generate much higher profits by using KVM VPS compared to other types, as you’ll be investing less while attracting a higher number of customers due to the exceptional user experience generated by KVM VPS hosting. 


Over time, everything evolves, and technological advancements are made, just like that web hosting has transformed into a much more efficient KVM VPS hosting, which gives you more flexibility, efficiency, and profits. Now you’re familiar with how these things are actually working, so you won’t be completely lost when looking to get one for your website.