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When you’re just starting your website, it can be a good idea to start small and maybe begin with a shared server. This can be because you need some time to adjust and get to learn the hang of things. Once you have everything under control, you can see that your business and website will start to grow exponentially. This is when you’ll see that a simple shared server can start having more cons as opposed to pros. However, many may shy away from changing over to a cheap VPS or a Virtual Private Server because of the price they may feel the shift entails. If you find yourself questioning the benefits of a cheap VPS, look no further and keep reading below to find out why a shared server can be so bad for your web page and why a VPS can be the best and most cost-effective choice.

Why you should shift away from the shared server

You can think of hosting on a shared server as living in an apartment. However, the apartment doesn’t just belong to you, and is, in fact, open to an infinite number of visitors who can come and take your resources. You would never feel safe living in such a place. Shared servers are open to a vast number of people, with owners of shared servers often overcrowding the servers to get money. In addition to overcrowding, however, shared servers have no allocated resources to all the users. If someone on the same server uses up too many resources, everyone will suffer the consequences. This is why shared servers are prone to crashing, slowing down, and incredibly hard to manage. These servers can also be prone to hacking attacks. While this can be tolerated when your website and business are still taking off, once you have established yourself, these delays can be incredibly damaging.

How does VPS work?

Using the same analogy of an apartment, a cheap VPS can be seen as living in an apartment with a set number of roommates, and with every roommate having access to their resources that aren’t shared. So, while you will have others on the same server, every person will be entirely independent and free to do as they wish. A KVM VPS is, therefore, a server running within a server, where everyone is connected yet isolated. Changes that you make to your end of the server will not affect the others on it. Based on your specific needs, you can select a package that suits you best. This can include a great deal of customization of software and also price.

Benefits of a VPS

Several benefits come with having a cheap VPS. Some of these will be discussed below.

Cost-effectiveness of a VPS

You might think that given the privacy that a Windows VPS gives us, it would be costly compared to the shared server. However, this isn’t the case. The cost of the server is spread across various users, which can lead to the price being divided amongst all users. In addition to this, there are several different offers available based on our needs that can have low costs. However, the most significant advantage of a cheap VPS in terms of the cost comes from the fact that it allows us to save on money and time that we would have spent dealing with the crashes and slowness of a shared server. These crashes can cost us customers, and with a cheap VPS, you never have to worry about your website falling apart. With the advancement of technology, you can find cheap VPS providers that can offer packages that are little more than what you paid for a shared server while offering a whole host of benefits.

Increased security

No matter what package you pick, a cheap VPS server will always provide you with the best security. Your website no longer has to be prone to attacks and hacking. Instead, you never have to worry about issues such as facing downtime due to faulty scripts or hacking attempts from others. In addition to this, there will no one to use up your allocated resources as well.

Have greater control

A lack of control is one of the most significant issues that those operating on a shared server might face. Owing to a lack of access to the root environment, you need to rely on only the software that is made available by your provider. This can mean that it can incredibly hard to make any upgrades, and often, it can be extremely costly as well. The cost can either go up when the host demands a great deal of money for using your industry-specific software, or when you have to undergo a loss because you can’t use the software that you need. With a cheap VPS, however, you can have access to the root, which means that you implement any software you need, without having to undergo and lose or pay an exponential amount of money.

Avail many promotional offers

Even though the costs of operating on a Storage VPS have gone down over the years, if you’re still worried about the money that you’ll be spending, you can avail of the many offers and different plans offered by your VPS providers. These offers can last for long periods, and based on your usage; you may qualify for additional discounts. In addition to this, you can always choose a smaller plan when you start off to experience the advantages that come with cheap VPS.


If you’re considering getting a VPS but are wary of the cost, the best thing to do can be to think of all the money that you will save from the upgrade. A cheap VPS can be the next best thing after a fully dedicated server to allowing your website the scalability, flexibility, and security it needs to grow correctly. With a VPS, you can save a great deal of money and time that would otherwise have been spent dealing with downtime and crashes from the unreliable shared servers.