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Websites across the internet, as you know, are being hosted by servers. Every site on each of these servers uses some resources to work, such as bandwidth and storage for their data. On a shared server, sites run out of these resources quickly and often crash. However, when people use VPS hosting, they don’t face this problem as resources aren’t being shared, unlike in a shared server. But as we expand and grow our websites, their need for resources grows, and you can’t provide it by just using a VPS. There’s a need for a dedicated server for these resources, called the storage VPS.
There’s a lot of things to know about this VPS before you consider providing your website with one. Here’s everything you need to know.

What is storage VPS?

As discussed earlier, it is a virtual private server dedicated to allocating resources to your websites. However, it’s not much different from a simple VPS. This VPS is created when a regular VPS is configured to become suitable for ample data storage and bandwidth provision. And other similar resources. Moreover, storage VPS does not require expensive hardware; for example, they use a small RAM and fewer CPU cores, which are usually outdated. This is because a resource providing VPS only provides resources, and a high-performance is not required for this purpose. Storage VPS can be based on many platforms; one such example is Linux. Therefore, it does not have its own dedicated OS.

How does it work?

Storage VPS works mostly like a regular VPS; it’s just configured in a way to become a resource provider. You can link this VPS to the VPS, which is hosting your websites, in order to provide it with resources. This VPS uses software to create a virtual machine, like a regular VPS. A storage VPS can work with any OS, such as Windows VPS and Linux VPS. After you have successfully installed it, your websites will be provided with extra resources, due to which they will work even better.

Importance of storage VPS

On a shared VPS, your websites are likely to attract a low amount of traffic and therefore gain low customers, as websites on a shared server work at slow speeds and often crash when traffic starts to increase. On a VPS, this problem is temporarily removed, until your website grows even more extensive, and attracts a considerable amount of traffic. You will face the same problems again and lose most customers as the website will not work. Therefore, without a dedicated VPS for storage, your site can never grow, as it will keep crashing; you need to fulfill a website’s needs by allocating it resources.
Moreover, without this VPS, you won’t be able to gain a large number of customers, as your websites will not work at high speeds. People have a short attention span and usually go to websites that can provide them with interactive graphics at high speeds. By the use of a storage VPS, you can even increase the speed of a small website, and make its success in the future, inevitable.

Advantages of storage VPS

A storage VPS not only boosts the working efficiency of a regular VPS, but it also has its own benefits. Here’s are some of those exclusive advantages:

Easy to use

Often people who are trying to create their own websites, for example, entrepreneurs, are not able to fulfill this task, as they cannot operate VPS, as it’s too technical for them. People who try to do this task without any knowledge usually end up creating problems for themselves. However, that’s not the case when providing websites with resources. It’s is comparatively less technical and easy to handle, which means beginners can readily take advantage of it and boost their websites.
Moreover, an easy to use environment means that you won’t have to stress a lot about doing something, and you will be able to do tasks efficiently. A storage VPS also provides an easy way of monitoring the situation of resources.


Every website has different needs; for example, some websites might use more bandwidth than storage, while others operate in the opposite way. Therefore, we need to customize the storage VPS to fulfill the needs of different websites; we cannot rely on one single configuration. For this purpose, this VPS has a lot of built-in options and allows you to use third-party software to expand customization options. You easily make use of this ability to customize and quickly provide your websites with what they require.


Fortunately, Storage VPS is a cheap VPS. Many regular VPS are getting increasingly expensive, while they offer a low amount of resources. Therefore, to get a larger amount of resources, and boost the ones available in a regular VPS, a storage VPS is the best solution. The reason why this VPS is not expensive is that it uses low cost hardware. Performance does not matter for a storage VPS, as all it does is provide resources. For this purpose, it only uses a small RAM and few CPU cores, which are of meager costs. Overall, getting a dedicated resource providing VPS is highly cost-efficient as you’re getting a lot more than what you asked for.


As your website grows even more significant, a storage VPS will keep on adapting and providing sufficient resources. You won’t have to change the type. It is highly versatile and adaptable to any kind of website. If you think that a storage VPS is not providing enough storage, you always have the option of increasing their scale. Furthermore, you can use it with any type of VPS, for example, KVM VPS.


If you want your website to keep up and keep growing at unprecedented rates, then there can be no better option than getting a storage VPS. All the needs of your website will be fulfilled by just performing this simple task. Not only will you boost the site currently, but you will also secure its future.