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Choosing a web hosting server is not an easy task. You may be looking for website hosting which offers WordPress, but you should also need one which works well, is affordable, virtually no downtime, and offers 24/7 customer support. Either you are going to start a personal profile website to search for jobs or just want to ensure your small business has an impressive online presence; the suitable hosting provider can make your motive very easy.  

Here, in this article, we are going to describe some best web hosting services like DreamHost, A2Hosting, GoDaddy Web Hosting Server, and others. Our focus is on business hosting companies that are offering WordPress, virtual private servers, shared hosting, and several other web hosting services, with different monthly and yearly packages.

Tips to choose the web hosting server

You should keep in mind that we cannot clearly test all providers on our list. However, we assemble the competitive analysis according to different perspectives, like third-party reviews and features offered by each web hosting server.

We have also weighed in on the positions of these businesses through better business bureaus and trust pilots. In the hands of this data, we divide them into three levels.

  1. Best web hosting providers (top rank): All these hosting providers have an A+ rating. They also have a reputable status from the Better Business Bureau. Trustpilot awarded them with a rating of more than 3.8 out of 5. With the exception of three sellers with 300-400 pieces of user feedback, the entire Trust Pilot rating is based on at least 1,000 user reviews. Moreover, all these server providers claim that they offer 24/7 customer support and 99% or more than that site accessibility.
  2. Web hosts verify checking out (middle rank): These web host sellers have an A + BBB rating, but we don’t trust pilot reviews based on that, whether they’re positive or negative.
  3. Other web hosting options (third rank): Two of these host sellers – Moka Host and Liquid Hosting now have an F ranking by the BBB. Others have a Trustpilot rating of less than 3.5, although in three cases, it has less than 500 users.

Important points to note:

The Better Business Bureau never rates companies outside of North America. To become accredited by the BB, they need to pay a fee to the association. Meanwhile, TrustPilot also offers a compensation rating that gives companies more interface with their customer rating. In 2020, it also deleted 2.2 million phony reviews.

Pricing plans:

The prices that are mentioned here are up to date according to their latest announcements. Yet, prices in this grouping are focused on common variations and subject to constant special offers and partial agreements.

BasicsDreamHostSiteGroundGreenGeeksGoDaddy Web HostingIONOSHostPapa  HostingerA2HostingHostwinds
Basic package$2.59 per month$7 per month$2.49 per month$6 per month$4 per month$1 per month$4 per month$3 per month$5 per month
24/7 customer supportLive chat, email, call in specific hoursLive chat, email, tickets, call in specific hoursLive chat, email, call in specific hoursCall, live chat24/7 call, live chatLive chat, email, tickets, call in specific hoursLive chat, ticketsCall, live chatLive chat, tickets
Money-back guarantee3 monthsOne monthOne monthOne monthOne monthOne monthOne monthOne monthOne month
Well Business Bureau reviewsA+A+A+A+A+A+outside North AmericaA+A+

 They are also offering several other general benefits according to their package’s specifications. But most noteworthy is given above.   

Difference between web hosting server and web building services 

Mostly hosting services give drag and drop website builder functionality, which allows the customers to run and optimize their site. However, you should ensure you read the best print: Using one of these website builders will sometimes shut you down in a hosting service as well. Builders can also own this service, making it challenging to shift your site to another service if you want to in the future.

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Website hosting definitions

When shopping for a web hosting server, you will come across many terms that you may not understand. Here are some common options you can look for, and even if that’s what you’re looking for.

·         Cloud-based hosting

If someone is looking for enough storage space, cloud-based hosting is the final choice for him. It supports the users to use cloud computing. Moreover, it also ensures server resources, expendable data storage, and unlimited site progress.

·         E-commerce hosting

Ecommerce hosting is the best choice for online businesses. Moreover, to run an e-commerce site, several web-hosting service vendors provide a server to host your site with an email server and other effective web-hosting features.

·         Reseller hosting

If someone wants to use fixed hard drive space and bandwidth to host third-party websites, he should welcome reseller hosting. For that purpose, you have to buy the host’s services wholesale and then retail them to clients individually for a possible revenue at selling prices.

·         WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting is the best choice to make a custom-built website. It is the top priority choice of clients as it permits setting up a standard custom website using different templates, plug-ins, and widgets.

·         Shared hosting

Shared hosting is the basic and affordable choice. This hosting provider has all features for a personal or small business website. Moreover, you can also share resources with others on the same server. Hence, if your website develops, you may require a varied package.

·         Virtual private server hosting

Virtual private server hosting is a setup from shared hosting. It permits the users the same features and performance to a dedicated server for their website. However, it is a bit costly, but a good choice with a minimum technical background. Moreover, the service supports the company to care for the software and system updates you request.

·         Dedicated server

A dedicated server is the best option for sites with large numbers of visitors. However, it offers highly expensive packages. The server offers a physical server while giving the entire authority and far more funds to run your site.