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Just similar to several other new website owners, you might choose shared hosting while launching your website. The budget has keen importance, and it is the low-cost option. Though, with the growth of your website, you must know when to upgrade to something more productive. There are many options you might choose, and you might be wondering what a cheap dedicated server is and why you need it.

You can get the answer from the reasons to want to upgrade in the first place. For instance, you might expect a quick increase in traffic or growth in the near future. The dedicated servers can be the best option for this and their strong security features and potentially positive effects on loading time.

Here we will discuss everything about the cheap dedicated servers and compare them with other common types. Then you will be able to make a decision whether a cheap dedicated server is best for you or not.

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What is dedicated server hosting and comparison with other types

The dedicated server means that you have your own server for your website. It provides flexibility and power; however, it generally comes at a premium. Thus, it is quite significant to research before choosing to buy this type of plan.

For example, several sites get started with a shared hosting plan and quickly exceed the limits of the shared plan. Here, the options may consist of upgrading to the VPS (virtual private server) or a dedicated server. And, it depends on you to weigh up the various options.

Everybody knows that a shared plan hosts your website along with a lot of others. This option might work well for small businesses or personal blogs. However, you can’t consider it the best option for the performance. Moreover, you may also lose out on flexibility as you will not be able to configure the things yourself.

Instead, you can get your own space for your website with a VPS, not shared with other websites, though still sharing the server. Because your website has been blocked from the other users, its performance will likely be more consistent. Moreover, you will also have a bit more flexibility when it comes to configuring your server.

These plans might provide you with the desired speed at a very low cost as compared to the dedicated server, representing a pretty reliable middle-ground for those who want to upgrade.

If you want to get more power for your money, there is a cheap dedicated server plan of choice. However, there only downside is the price; it might go up to three figures per month. Luckily, it may be worth it if your site needs someone to handle the traffic.

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The reasons why we need a cheap dedicated server

 As discussed above, the dedicated server is the most powerful server plan available with cloud hosting. Though, you might ask if you need it. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why you have to consider opening your wallet.

Your site grows and requires you to be capable of handling the increase in traffic.

If you think that your site grows fast, choosing a dedicated hosting (cheap dedicated server) would be great. For instance, the performance of your website may drop if the traffic increases and you are still using shared hosting. It might be a slippery slope with a high bounce rate and revenue loss. It is quite significant to give yourself time to migrate your website and settle its performance earlier to raise the potential issues.

Security is a concern for your site.

Security is the most significant factor for all websites, particularly for sites that handle sensitive info. It might consist of customer information, credit card numbers, emails, etc. Keeping this information and your site secure from hacks, viruses, and other threats is essential.

If you are using a dedicated server, no worries, you are in charge of the security of your website. It means that you will be capable of optimizing the features you want for your site’s particular requirements and stored files. You will be responsible for implementing these features; however, it is the primary advantage of flexibility.

However, a few hosts offer semi-managed and fully-managed maintenance plans. In short, generally, you will be able to specify what both the host and you will be responsible for. It means that while directly resolving all other concerns, you can trust an expert with mission-critical functionality.

You may want your page load time to be optimal.

The loading time of your page might have an important effect on practically every aspect of your site. The slower pages may cause high bounce rates and low engagement metrics. A dedicated server will be helpful for you to optimize this aspect of your site maximum.

Using a shared server, you can’t have any insight into when the resources of the server are being used elsewhere; it may cause of being slow down your website. It will be a guarantee to choose a dedicated server with the bandwidth you need to increase the page loading times.

When should you choose a dedicated server?

Now, we discuss a few advantages of the dedicated server and whether it is right for you. After all, a virtual private server (VPS) offers several similar features but at a very affordable price.

First of all, consider whether your website gets more traffic. If the numbers are higher than before, it might upgrade your existing plan. You may choose either cloud hosting, VPS, or a cheap dedicated server.

All three provide fast page load times and large bandwidths. Though, when it comes to security, dedicated hosting has the edge over the virtual private server (VPS), if just because you have complete control over how the server is running and operating.

Finally, like several other WordPress considerations, you will make a decision based on your site’s particular requirements. Of course, if the budget is not a concern, you will not go wrong with dedicated hosting. Though, if you choose your first hosting plan, the price will be a major concern when you decide.

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