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Often many people make the huge mistake of using the cost to determine which VPS to buy. Free VPS usually seems mouth-watering to many people, especially beginners, due to their little to no cost. However, these people are usually short-sighted. There’s no doubt that they’ve reduced their spending in the short-term. However, they did not think of the future. Free VPS is often full of vulnerabilities and accompanies other factors that risk your privacy; this is due to their cheap cost. Your data might get sold by the host, or you might have to shut your website down. Low security can lead to many such problems. However, if you are aware of how a free VPS hosting can endanger your privacy, you will not make the mistake of buying one. 

Vulnerabilities of free VPS

People who are offering free VPS have to keep the price little to none. However, at the same time, they need to make money out of it. In such cases, it’s best for the seller to keep the investment and effort low. This means that the security features of VPS are usually either non-existent or obsolete. Whether the host provides you with Windows-based VPS or Linux based VPS, they are both going to have some type of vulnerabilities, that will put your data and privacy at risk. For example, many free VPS hosts do not update the VPS software. Firewalls and other such security measures are also usually obsolete. Furthermore, these vulnerabilities not only occur at the software level but also at the hardware level. A free VPS host will never use expensive and reliable hardware. 

Man-in-the-middle attacks

Man-in-the-middle attacks (MITM) are a particular type of cyberattack. This is when the attacker captures our data, passwords, and other private information when we log on to a website that appears to be safe. Free VPS is at a higher risk of MITM attacks. Many attackers look for your financial information. Therefore, they might steal your money. Moreover, attackers are also able to steal the private information of people who use your website. This might decrease the traffic coming to your site. 

Trusting the free VPS host

When you sign up for a free VPS server hosted by someone else, you are giving you private information in the host’s hands. However, is it really a good idea to entrust your valuable information to an unknown person? Even well-known companies are known to sell user data; therefore, this type of VPS hosts can’t be trusted with your private information. The host has full access to your data and can use it whenever needed. It will be sold before you can even think of it. Even if VPS is free, it’s very likely that you’ll have to send your credit card information, which can often lead to many scams. Selling your private information is often used as a way of making money by VPS providers which are free, as you are not paying them. 

Location of the free VPS

A hosted VPS can be located in any part of the world; it’s not necessarily located in the same country as yours. Many hosted VPS are located in countries with laws that put your server at risk. For example, there might be laws that might be used to spy at hosted VPS. Moreover, many countries have higher crime rates, which means that your VPS can be physically hacked without you ever being aware of it. Free VPS is usually located in these types of countries, which compromises the security of your privacy. If the VPS is not hosted from a safe country, then it’s best to avoid using it, even if it’s free. 

Be aware of scams

Scams are found in every field of business; we should always be aware of them. However, the risk of getting scammed increases sharply if you’re buying something that is free. People are heavily attracted to freebies, and scammers do not take this fact for granted. They take advantage of this, and people often come into their trap. As free VPS is also free, as the name suggests, you are likely to be scammed, and there is no way to avoid being scammed effectively. You can only be lucky to find a trustworthy free VPS provider. However, with such a high risk of getting scammed, it’s best to find alternatives to this type of VPS; otherwise, you might end up costing yourself a fortune. 

Storage of activity logs

Another problem that arises from free VPS is the storage of activity logs. This means that the VPS will retain your activity when you log into the VPS, and can even monitor your connection to the VPS. This makes it easier for the host to get access to your private information, which will most likely be sold by the provider. Many free VPS providers are not trustworthy, as discussed earlier. Even if this information will not be sold, it will undoubtedly be monitored by the provider. Who would want their private information to under constant surveillance? 

Higher risk from hackers

As discussed earlier, VPS cheap are more vulnerable and thus exposed to a higher number of attacks. This type of VPS is an opportunity for hackers to steal private information. Of course, the attacker will choose the easiest prey, which is undoubtedly a free VPS. A hacker will not bother trying to attack a well-protected server when a vulnerable VPS is available. This will double the risk of your data getting stolen, and in most cases, this will become inevitable.


All these ways a little to no cost VPS can endanger your private information shows how unsafe it can be. A free VPS is surrounded by attackers and risks from all sides. The modern world is full of people trying to get their hands on your private data, while scammers steal your money. Therefore, the best option is to find a VPS provider after thorough research; only then will you able to protect your private information.