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Hosting Providers offer different types of hosting services, divided into two macro-categories. We refer to the services that rely on a shared server and to the services present on a dedicated Server. Before choosing the hosting web service, it is normal to ask yourself several questions because you are afraid of making the wrong choice.
So we advise you to wait a moment to read this guide on what VPS cheap hosting SSD is and how to use it. 

After reading, we are sure that you will have a clearer idea of this topic, which often generates a lot of confusion, and you will know which VPS Hosting service is best suited to your needs. Returning to us, in this article, we will explain exactly what VPS cheap Hosting SSD is, how it must be used, what the cost is, and what its advantages are.

VPS Hosting SSD: what it is and how to use it

VPS Hosting: What it is?

The term VPS is short for Virtual Private Server, which means that the VPS is a Virtual Server connected to the network that replicates all the capabilities and functionalities of a physical Server. Using virtualization technology, the Hosting Provider installs a virtual layer on the Server operating system. This level allows you to divide the Server into virtual partitions and allows each user to have autonomous and independent access.

VPS: Why is it called Virtual Private Server or Virtual Private Server?

Server:  This solution is not related to Hosting but refers to a Server, so we are referring to a more complete and broader environment than a shared hosting service.
Private:  The VPS is dedicated, and the resources such as the CPU, the Ram, the number of processes are guaranteed, and there is no risk of compromising the functioning of the site due to other customers on the same Server precisely because those who own a VPS it’s like it has its own Server.
Virtual:  The VPS is a virtual portion created inside a Server; practically, it is a simulated environment inside a physical Server where there are other users.

VPS SSD or MASSIVE VPS: what’s the difference?

Buying a VPS hosting service with SSD disks instead of traditional hard disks allows you to increase your website’s speed and performance.
Many VPS cheap Providers offer SSD Hosting solutions with a surcharge, most hosting providers include SSD technology on all their plans, this means that the prices of services remain unchanged, but the performance is greatly increased.

SSD and HDD disks: what’s the difference?

⦁ Hard or magnetic hard disks (HDD): In traditional hard disks, data is stored on different rotating disks, which means that they take longer to read and write.
⦁ SSD disks (Solid State Drive): solid-state memory units have a microchip saving system and allow you to read or write data directly and instantly, in this way the speed compared to traditional hard drives can be even 100 times higher.

However, sometimes the customer may want to buy a VPS but needs more disk space, a resource that, unfortunately, a free VPS SSD cannot offer.

VPS SSD: who is it for?

The Virtual Server or VPS is aimed at expert users looking for a semi-professional solution for their web project but who do not have the budget necessary to choose a dedicated Server. This type of VPS server Hosting is usually chosen by users who have websites that have a medium / high monthly traffic, and that exceed the limits of the resources included on a Shared Hosting.
Blogs, small business sites, information sites that cater to a specific niche can most of the time be managed through a Shared Hosting service. At the same time, VPS cheap is mainly suitable for medium-sized business websites, eCommerce sites, cloud software, or websites that to function properly need certain software that is not installed on Shared Hosting such as Node.js, Ruby on Rails and many others.

VPS Virtual Servers: the main features

Here are the main features of Virtual Private Servers:
Admin Access: Get complete control of your Virtual Server due to SSH access and KVM support
⦁ VPS Managed: the Managed option guarantees the installation and configuration of cPanel and WHM. Moreover, the VPS cheap will be continuously monitored, and the Server updates will be at the expense of your VPS provider.
⦁ CPU Xeon: on all SSD VPS the CPUs used are Intel® Dual Hexa Xeon® E5-2630
⦁ Type of Operating System: When ordering, you can choose from multiple OSes such as CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, and Fedora.
⦁ Dedicated IP:  VPS cheap includes a Dedicated IP, but you also can buy others both normal and with DDOS protection.
⦁ Remote Backup: on VPS cheap, it is possible to purchase the Remote Backup option, which, together with the JetBackup license will allow you always to have a backup available to restore at any time in two simple clicks.
⦁ SLA: as almost all Hosting plans the guaranteed SLA is 99.9%

VPS server: why choose it

VPS Hosting turns out to be a middle ground between Shared Hosting and Dedicated Server. This system is highly configurable; in practice, if the user had a Dedicated Server as he can access via SSH, install the scripts, the software he wants without any limit, precisely because that portion is dedicated only and exclusively to that particular site web. The Virtual Private Server is increasingly popular for software development and virtualization technologies for other architectures (example: cPanel, WHM) that have allowed the use of less experienced users.

Each VPS cheap has its own IP address, its own usernames and passwords, its own dedicated resources, and a separate work environment. In any case, the VPS requires a certain familiarity and is not recommended for novice users unless you purchase the Fully-Managed option in addition to the VPS cheap.

Hope we have helped you to make the most suitable choice for your web project, and you can consult the features and prices of any Low-Cost VPS cheap hosting providers.